TV Attribution Solutions

Improve Your TV Campaign ROI by Accurately Measuring It

Types of TV Ad Attribution

There are a number of ways to measure TV, including OTT, CTV (these two are becoming one in the same), and Linear television — and each is slightly different.

OTT: Over The Top TV

Examples: Netflix & Hulu

OTT is a streaming service offered directly to consumers over the Internet. OTT bypasses traditional TV cable and satellite companies, and provides a service directly to the consumer.

CTV: Connected TV

Examples: Amazon Fire & Roku

Connected TV is a device that is connected to your television that is either ‘smart’ in that it connects to the Internet where you can watch the video, or has a device plugged into the TV to make it ‘smart.’ Ad placements run on Connected TVs are typically bought and sold like digital video, and can be accessed increasingly from the same buying platforms.

Linear TV

Examples: Cable & Satellite

Linear TV refers to traditional television viewing where the signal is provided via a cable or satellite provider, and advertises to many at once rather than the 1-to-1 ads you can do with CTV and OTT.

In all cases you will need to capture an ‘exposure’ file — the data underpinning the creative — and match it to a visitation file. This is how you measure television attribution.

How TV Attribution Works to Improve Ad Campaign ROI


Set up and run your CTV campaign like normal

Create your ads and decide when and how often to run them based on your target audience and preliminary market research.


Freckle will tag your campaign creative to measure the people that are exposed to the advertisement

Freckle ads a ‘pixel’ tracker to your ad to monitor who saw your commercial for CTV, or a watermark to the campaign creative for Linear to determine when and where the advertisement runs. This file is captured and then matched against IP addresses to determine ad exposure.


Provide Freckle with locations of interest (ex: your store locations)

Give Freckle the locations of your stores so we can monitor who visits, how often they come in, and how long they spend in your location.


Freckle collects and analyzes data

Freckle provides detailed reports with behavioural analytics on who saw the commercial and then entered your store.


Optimize your TV ads based on what’s driving the most foot traffic

Using this TV attribution model, you can optimize your ads including what times they should run to drive the most conversions.

Why You Need TV Attribution Solution for Your Campaign

Take the guesswork out of TV ads

Stop putting your commercials out in dead air and hoping they bring people in. With TV attribution, you’ll know exactly who saw your ad, and then chose to come into your location.

Utilize TV attribution methodology

Add value to your campaigns where your competitors aren’t by understanding the power of attributing commercials to real, physical customers, and learn what’s drawing them in to your business.

Spend your budget on what works

Learn fast which of your commercials are wasting ad dollars instead of driving foot traffic into your store. Optimize your ad spend by shifting around your timing or altering the strategy of your commercials.

Destroy the competition with your industry advantage

By knowing exactly which commercials are hitting your target audience at the right times, you’ll have a leg up on the competition, and can dominate your industry space with more effective ads.

What Makes Freckle’s TV Attribution a Better Solution

Freckle measures all TV solutions: OTT, CTV, and Linear

Our attribution measures every type of TV ads you might have, and can measure TV in every country around the world.

We combine your TV measurement with other mediums

Don’t just rely on measuring one type of ad. Combine this with other digital ads like search and social, Out of Home, and more for a full picture of your media spend.

Mobile panel determines true exposure

We offer a 1×1 mobile panel to demonstrate if someone has been exposed to an ad. We can ask users what ads they have seen, or if they have seen a specific ad.

Use the platforms you know and love

Freckle can provide CTV reporting directly back into your preferred platforms for the best optimization of your overall campaign.

Ready to enhance your measurement and targeting capabilities?