Target Segment Solutions

Get Custom Segments from Location Data for Targeting Opportunities

Freckle offers better audience insights by helping you segment your target customers to advertise to them better than ever before.

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How Targeting Segments Will Increase Ad Campaign ROI

Target the 1, not the 1000

By grouping your target audiences, you can push ads to potential customers on a more individual level, making them more likely to convert and make a purchase in your store.

Become a competitive conquester

Create segments from people seen at your competitor’s locations to build target audiences that are already qualified for your niche.

Optimize campaigns and dominate your space

Armed with the knowledge your competitors don’t have, you can take all your ads to the next level by only targeting segments, weeding out the leads that aren’t qualified, and aren’t likely to convert to sales.

What Makes Freckle’s Targeting Segments Feature Unique

Get custom, qualified audiences

Our segments are ‘always on’ — which means you’re never getting stale data. Instead, what you have is a totally customized audience, and one that’s already more qualified than what you’d get with standard attribution.

Gain access to a massive database

Our service offers you over 100 billion location events on over 200 million devices monthly. With this large of a data group, you can create as many segments as needed to target as many of your user personas as you can think of.

Our first-party data is compliant & unbiased

By offering you data that comes directly from the user (first-party not third-party), there’s no chance that your ad performance is inflated. We’re also the only measurement solution that sits on compliant data (GDPR, CCPA, & PIPEDA).

We are a fully agnostic partner that doesn’t sell media

We measure campaigns and help build segments, but we don’t try to sell you any type of media. We’re simply monitoring how your campaign performs and sending you reports so you can optimize your campaigns in the ways that are truly best for you.

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