Freckle Targeting Segments

Re-Message Current Customers or Target Competitive Segments

The Only Solution with the Power of First-Party Data from Killi


Custom Qualified Audiences

Put a compliant, first-party data source to use for enhanced targeting capabilities. Freckle aggregates audiences from any location of interest a marketer needs with continually refreshed segments. And with global platform integrations, marketers can activate segments across any platform or DMP.

Competitive Conquesting

Marketers can build custom audience segments by targeting people seen at a competitive location. Because Freckle’s data is continually refreshed and integrated across platforms and DMPs, marketers can easily grow both audience and market share.

Delivering True and Efficient Audience Segments

Freckle applies industry standard dwell methodology with in-store filters to ensure we are measuring a true visit event. This allows us to deliver real consumers and eliminate employees and those just briefly passing by.

Ready to enhance your targeting capabilities with Freckle and Killi?