Freckle Offline Attribution

Prove Your Media Drives Customers to Visit

With global platform integrations, Freckle Offline Attribution is easy to implement for any geographic target, media platform or device.

offline attribution

How It Works

Ad Exposure

A customer sees an ad on any advertising platform and Freckle captures the data underpinning the media placement.

Store Visit

A customer enters the location and Freckle recognizes mobile ID, logging the enter and exit event.


Freckle analyzes both data sets and determines if the advertising drove a store visit.

NEW: Killi Data

Freckle now delivers enhanced behavioral and visitation insights from the first-party data of Killi.

lift analysis

Robust Lift Analysis

Understand the impact of your campaigns with Freckle’s comprehensive lift analysis. Directly attribute revenue to marketing actions and track repeat conversions to gather actionable insights and make smarter optimization decisions throughout the campaign life cycle.

LIFT is a simple calculation of the percent difference between customers who see an ad and those that don’t appended to visitation data. This valuable metric delivers critical insights for marketers looking to evaluate the effectiveness of media in driving location visits.

Offline Attribution Solutions

  • Cross-Device

  • Search

  • Social

  • Out of Home

  • TV

  • Radio

offline attribution solutions

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