Freckle Footfall Measurement

Understand Consumer Visit Trends to a Physical Location

Freckle Footfall Measurement adds mobile location data to our proprietary Point of Interest (POI) location graph then filters for dwell and deduplication to help brands understand visitation trends.

Points of interest

NEW: Behavioral Insights from Location Visits

Freckle delivers enhanced audience insights with the power of Killi and survey capabilities direct from location visits.

Uncover how your customers interact with your brand or the competition.

Uncover visitation trends of your customers:

  • Most popular stores, cities, markets and more
  • Seasonal trends for your location(s) or competitors
  • Foot traffic by market share
  • Cross-visit trends with competitors

User data

Freckle delivers actionable insights to build deeper relationships with customers.

Learn more about customer preferences:

  • How far do your customers travel to a location?
  • What time of day or day of week does your customer visit?
  • How long do your customers stay at a location?
  • What media channels are performing the best?

Learn more about your customers today.