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A Global Leader in Offline Attribution and Compliant Data

Freckle helps brands tackle a metric that has challenged marketers for years–offline attribution. By providing agnostic media measurement across all media channels, Freckle is a true global partner for marketers to better target audiences and prove their media investments are driving customers into chosen locations.

The People of Killi Now Power Freckle's Measurement Solutions

Providing customers with real-time, reliable first-party data while complying with global privacy standards.


How We Make it Work

Freckle begins with industry standard data inputs from fully vetted sources to help marketers gain a clear picture of consumer behavior.

  • Location Data
  • Point of Interest (POI) Data
  • Cross-Device Measurement
  • Dwell
  • Projection

The Freckle Product Portfolio

Freckle Footfall Measurement

Understand visit trends to a brand or competitor location.

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Freckle Offline Attribution

Determine the impact of media investment on driving customers to a targeted location.

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Freckle Targeting Segments

Create custom segments from location data for powerful targeting opportunities.

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Killi Data

Use GDPR and CCPA compliant, first-party data with a validated user base.

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Put unmatched measurement and data solutions to work for your marketing.