Freckle is the Global leader in offline attribution

Our Solutions

Our patent-pending offline attribution methodology connects advertising investments across various verticals directly to real world traffic using 1st party mobile location data.


We offer multi touch attribution and measurement for:

  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Social
  • Out-of-Home
  • Addressable TV

Segmentation & Auditing

We provide 1st party location targeting from millions of users worldwide for use in:

  • Demand Side Platforms (DSPs)
  • Data Management Platforms (DMPs)
  • Cross Device Firms
  • Research & Financial Companies

Cross-Media Attribution

Our solution provides multi channel attribution for both mobile and desktop by marrying the signals captured by Freckle’s  cross device tag with those individuals we have seen at pre-determined locations.


Through Freckle’s proprietary beacon technology, we identify both owned and competitive locations for measurement.


With a simple implementation of the Freckle tag to any campaign or format, we collect signals that allow us to match back to those individuals seen in desired locations through the platform of your choosing.


Freckle’s attribution tag allows you to match those exposed to media to individuals seen in a location and compare them to those seen in a location that were not exposed to media, delivering a unique lift analysis for a brand.


Use Freckle’s mobile 1st party data to uniquely target & measure your audience within social platforms.

Target in-store visitors more accurately and measure the effectiveness of them returning to a location.


Identify the ideal audience by collecting mobile ID’s at points of interest, allowing Freckle to create a 1st party custom audiences.


Once the custom audience is created Freckle will link this segment to client’s social account for unlimited targeting over a pre-defined time-period.


At conclusion of the campaign Freckle will measure attribution by adding all visitors seen at designated locations and compare them to those in custom segment.

Out of Home attribution

Freckle monitors the walk by traffic, including direction & speed, providing its clients with real-time measurement of Out of Home (OOH) placements.


Working with the brand and agency Freckle identifies those OOH placements represented in a campaign


With a simple implementation of the Freckle beacon all identified OOH placements are turned into a real time audience measurement tool.


Mobile ID’s are collected on both boards and a brand’s locations through the audit period. Once collected, Freckle analyzes the overlap of data points to provide in-depth details into the effectiveness of the OOH boards in driving an individual to a location.

Addressable TV

Our solution provides 1st party location data to leading addressable TV platforms to improve targeting and measure offline attribution.


Through Freckle’s unique methodology Freckle monitors predetermined locations of interest to create custom data sets that can then be added to leading addressable TV solutions.


By adding unique 1st party audiences to addressable TV platforms clients can target and deliver more relevant advertising to their desired customers.


Freckle can measure the effectiveness of addressable TV by monitoring locations to identify the number of people who were exposed to addressable advertising and were then seen in a predetermined location.