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Measure and Improve
Your Social Campaign ROI

Freckle works with your social campaigns by collecting data on those who saw your social ads and attributing those that then visited your store.

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How Social Offline Attribution Works to Optimize Ad Spend


Set up a killer social campaign (like normal)

Set up your social campaign on the platform(s) you love as you normally would. Think about how to best target your new and core audiences to bring more people into your store.


Allow Freckle to push offline events to your platform

Allow Freckle to push specified location offline conversion data to the platform of your choice. Our automated offline attribution feed is supplied to platforms via an API connection.


Use the data to run reports and gain insights about your campaign

Run reports in your social platforms to get information about your visitation rate or which devices were exposed to your social media ads, and then visited the store.


Determine what’s working with your campaign, and then optimize to dominate the market

With these new insights at your fingertips, you can optimize your current campaigns to focus on targeting the people that are coming into your store, and reduce your ad spend on social campaigns that aren’t working for you.

Get the Best Social Campaign Offline Conversion ROI with Freckle

Learn what you gain from online-to-offline social analysis

Understand how powerful offline attribution data will be to empower the success of your campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Gather insights from unbiased data for your social campaign

Using first-party data direct from users, you can change your strategy on the fly based on your analysis of the data. Learn which campaigns are working on social, and which are wasting your ad budget.

Optimize your social campaign budget, keyword targets, & ad copy

With the data in one hand and an optimized strategy in the other, you can update your campaigns to reflect the best keyword targets, put your money towards your core audiences, and re-write ads to drive more people into your store.

Make offline attribution part of your core strategy for social conversion

Repeat running reports and gathering data on converted users to get the most you can out of every dollar of your ad spend. Your competitors will be using social ads because they think they have to. You’ll be using them to find your perfect buyers and convert them the right way.

Why Freckle Social Offline Attribution is the Best You Can Get

A massive database with real first-party data

With over 100 billion location events on over 200 million devices, Freckle’s capabilities (thanks to its companion app Killi) brings you first-party data directly from users rather than third-party data that’s tainted with the biases of other entities.

A truly agnostic and unbiased partner

Freckle never sells media — we just measure it for you. We have no stake in the performance of your campaigns, so you know the data is 100% accurate. We empower you to optimize your own campaigns, and in that sense, we’re a genuine, impartial solution.

Control groups add an extra layer of accuracy

Our social attribution reports hold back 30% of the population as a control group to measure true impact. The 30% who didn’t see your ads but still came into store provide a baseline for how well you’re already doing with brand and product awareness — without your ads.

We’re not marking our own homework

Don’t let Facebook tell you how well your ads are performing on Facebook — our service has no incentive to get you to buy more ads on any social platform if they aren’t working for you. We want you to see which platforms really bring in the right customers to your store.

Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook Offline Attribution (& more!)

Freckle integrates with all major social platforms, including:













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