Google Offline Attribution Solutions

Measure and Improve
Your Search Campaign ROI

Freckle works with your search campaigns by collecting data on those visiting your stores that saw your search ads, and attributing them, so you know exactly which of your ad dollars were well-spent.

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How Google Offline Conversion Tracking Works


Set up and run a Google Search campaign

Start running your search campaign and set it up the way you think it will best target your intended audience (like normal).


Configure Freckle and get your data

Give Freckle permission to work with your campaign to get offline event conversions data (devices seen at specific locations). Our API works with Campaign Manager and your floodlight tags so you get your data — automatically, every day!


Run reports as needed to gain insights

Run reports ad hoc in Campaign Manager to see which devices were exposed to your search ads. Measure these exposed devices against the ones that went and visited your offline locations.


Determine the effectiveness of your campaign and optimize it accordingly

Once you gain these insights, you’ll know exactly how effective your search campaign is at driving consumers to your physical locations. Now you have the power to optimize your search campaigns and improve your ads.

The Power of Understanding Google Search Campaign Offline Conversion ROI

Gain online-to-offline customer behavior and preferences insights

Obtain the power to learn what drives offline visits and conversions. Go beyond the basics and empower your campaigns with accurate data that tells you exactly where your money is going.

Understand the offline performance of your different Google Search campaigns

With this information, react quickly and efficiently to search strategies that are not working to optimize your campaigns accordingly. Discover which campaigns are flaming out, and which ones to pour some gasoline onto.

Optimize campaign and ad group budgets, keyword targeting, & ad copy

Take your offline conversion insights and turn them into new campaigns with the right keywords and content to bring more people to you. Waste fewer precious advertising dollars by knowing exactly what to target.

Integrate Google offline attribution data into overall marketing data analysis

Increase your ability to understand consumer trends, discovering and targeting core and new audiences in the process.

Repeat to stay ahead of trends and competitors

Want more of the market share in your industry? Keep using offline search attribution to get the competitive advantage you need to become the industry leader, and never waste another ad dollar again.

The Freckle Advantage for Search Offline Attribution

Massive Database

With over 100 billion location events per month on over 200 million devices, Freckle is one of the best solutions when you want to see a large set of real, varied data across a vast group of different users.

Fully Agnostic Partner

We never sell media – we just measure it. In that sense, Freckle is a global partner for marketers, and a true impartial solution. Unlike other providers, with us, you’ll never receive data that is tainted by sales goals.

1st Party Data

Get your data directly from consumers, not from third parties with their own agendas. By eliminating third parties, your data is collected straight from the people you’re trying to target with your marketing strategies.

Custom Datasets

Beyond basic visualization segmentation, Freckle offers custom datasets based on specific partner needs including cross-visitation, frequency, and panel-based data derived from survey results in our consumer app, Killi.

Ready to enhance your measurement and targeting capabilities?