Out of Home (OOH) Attribution Solutions

Improve Your OOH Campaign ROI
with Real Data

correct fragmented data

How to Measure OOH Advertising to Optimize Ad Campaigns


Identify your ad placements and share them

Give Freckle the locations (latitude/longitude) of all your OOH ad placements so Freckle can monitor people who are exposed to your boards.


Measure and attribute your OOH ad exposure

Freckle will continue to collect data on how many people are exposed to your OOH or DOOH advertising, and measure what’s driving visitation to your locations of interest (your stores).


Receive reports to determine how your campaigns are doing

Freckle will provide you with Out of Home (OOH) attribution reporting, so you can see exactly how your campaign is performing.


Optimize your campaign based on what’s working

With this new information, you can optimize your ad spend based on which boards perform well, and which ones aren’t driving conversions.

How Outdoor Media Measurement Empowers Your Campaigns

Take advertising to the next level

“We spent this much and it brought in this many people” just doesn’t work. Learn exactly who saw your advertisements, and which of those people entered your location.

Stop wasting ad dollars

With attribution, you’ll learn quickly which boards have been blowing through your budget without driving conversions. Adjust your overall market strategy for future partnerships and campaigns.

Learn more about your customers

Understand not only how many people entered your store, but how often they saw your ad, how long it took them to come in, how far they travelled to buy from you — and more!

Continuously optimize to dominate your industry

With your new Out of Home attribution data, you can efficiently optimize all future campaigns, and start out ahead of the competition by knowing which areas drive the most foot traffic.

How Freckle Offers You the Best Opportunity to Measure Out Of Home Advertising Effectiveness

Our database is one of the largest

Using our platform brings you over 100 billion monthly location events across 200 million devices thanks to our companion app Killi.

Get your data straight from the source

We offer first-party data that comes directly from the users, not through any third-party apps. You’ll know your data is accurate, and unbiased.

Freckle offers an agnostic partnership

We won’t try to sell you any media — we just want to empower yours. We have no interest in modifying data to make certain campaigns appear to perform better than others.

Works with static & digital

Whether you have digital boards (DOOH) or traditional billboards (OOH), our attribution reporting offers you the most accurate way of measuring OOH advertising.

Ready to enhance your measurement and targeting capabilities?