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Improve Your Ad Campaigns by Measuring them Properly

Freckle works with any of your ad campaigns - digital, mobile, print, billboards, OOH, TV, and more to attribute your ad dollars to the actual people who come and visit your store.

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What Is Offline Attribution — Really?

Offline attribution is the ability to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns, whether digital or OOH, and determine how many people that saw your ads actually came into your store because of it. In addition to how many, attribution offers you more demographics about your store visitors.

If you want to take your ad campaigns to the next level, you need offline sales attribution. It offers you the ability to learn:

  • How many people saw your ads (of any type)
  • How many of those people came into your store
  • How often users saw your ads before coming in
  • User age groups, residence locations, average income, and more
  • How far users travelled after seeing your ads

And so much more!

How Offline Attribution Works to Optimize Your Campaigns


Set up your campaigns like normal

No matter which campaign you’re running with — online to offline, offline, OOH, TV, or something else — start running it like normal, keeping in mind the best ways to target your ideal audiences.


Start using Freckle so we can collect the data you need

Depending on which attribution tool you need, give Freckle permissions to push connections to your platforms via our API, and provide us with locations of interest (your store locations).


Use the data to run reports and gain insights about your campaign

With our offline attribution reporting, you will learn which campaigns are bringing customers into your stores, and which ones just aren’t getting the job done.


Optimize your campaigns to improve ad spend ROI

With this information on hand, you can improve your campaigns, stop running the ads that don’t work, and put more of your budget towards the ads that drive the most leads.

Get the Best Online to Offline Attribution Tool with Freckle

Learn more about your customers

Offline attribution modelling gives you the power to learn not just how many people came into the store, but their demographics, when they saw your ads, where they saw your ads, and how many times they saw them before coming in.

Know with certainty what works

With this knowledge comes the ability to take the guesswork out of running ads. If you know which ads drove people into your store, you know which ones to keep rolling with, and which ones to ditch.

Save your budget for keystone campaigns

If your expensive downtown billboard or Facebook campaign isn’t bringing people in, put those ad dollars towards the search campaign that is. Spend your budget wisely, not willingly.

Adapt to dominate your space

For future campaigns, you are empowered to run more effective ads, and spend less money doing it… while your competitors are still wondering whether their $20k campaign brought anyone into the store.

What Makes Freckle the Best Location Attribution Tool

A huge database of users

Over 100 billion location events on over 200 million devices is what you get with Freckle. Your data comes from a real, varied source, across a large set of users.

We don’t (ever) sell media

We’re an agnostic partner, which means we never alter data to try to make campaigns look like they’re performing better than they are — like other tools that run your campaigns for you.

True compliant first-party data

Through our Killi application, our data comes straight from the consumers. It’s also 100% GDPR, CCPA, and PIPEDA compliant.

Our unique features optimize better

Our custom datasets for search attribution, control groups for social attribution, attribution for a combination of mediums, and more offer newer and better ways to measure your campaigns.

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