Key Insights on Purchase Behavior for Automotive Customers

Freckle and Killi have released the quarterly Path to Purchase: Automotive Footfall report for the U.S. and Canadian markets. Automotive marketers will learn how long a consumer is in the market for a new vehicle, how long they research a vehicle and the type of promotions that drive consumers to visit a dealership.

Among the top findings for both markets:

  • 80% of those surveyed reported that their car purchase is at least 3 months into the future.
  • Buyers still prefer to stay close to home when traveling to a dealership.
  • Most car buyers spend only 5-30 minutes in the dealership.
  • The number one priority for buyers is price and reliability.
  • The average consumer is visiting 5+ dealerships before buying
  • Online advertising still ranks as the most persuasive way to influence buyers.

The quarterly Path to Purchase Automotive report delivers actionable insights to better understand purchase behavior of the automotive consumer. To view the full reports:



The Path to Purchase includes data from over 10,000 surveys sent to Killi customers in a 30-day period with questions specific to automotive shopping preferences. The footfall, visitation data is the result of the physical monitoring of automotive dealerships in the U.S. and Canada. Freckle used its proprietary dwell logic and deduplication tools to remove employees, couriers, and unconfirmed visitors to provide the highest level of confidence scoring for all visitors.