Freckle IoT Introduces 1st Party In-Store Data Segments For Major Social Platforms

New York, NY – February 27th 2017

Freckle IoT, the leading 1st Party In-store data company, announced today an evolution of its Global leading in-store attribution product by providing 1st party in-store segments to all major social platforms including Facebook, Instagram and others.

Freckle’s In-Store Social product provides brands, agencies and trading desks with the ability to build custom first party segments of users who have been seen in a specific location.  By adding this first party segment to the present targeting inside of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others, brands are able to provide an extra level of targeting that up until now has not existed in the market – and the results are staggering.  With an audience match rate of +90% and a performance improvement metric of up to 30% almost immediately, brands are using this data as an always-on tactic in their social campaigns.

“We ran a test of Freckle’s data against our core approach and found that we were able to achieve a much better result for our client by creating custom segments.  As a result, we have added this as a core targeting function to upcoming social activation plans for a number of our clients”, said Bruce Neve, President of True Media, Canada.  

“We are extremely excited to bring this unique data set to the market where for the first time people can buy unique data from a partner without being force-fed media as a condition,” said Neil Sweeney, Founder and CEO of Freckle. “As a first party data company with over 50m opted-in devices worldwide, this in-store segment is exactly the fuel that the media industry needs as they search for unique sources of data to add to their executions.”

In addition to providing the market with a privacy compliant first party data set, Freckle is also able to measure social in-store attribution.  This is accomplished by adding offline events to the various social platforms and then matching this data to that which was provided. This newly created custom list can then be used to determine how effective the brand has been at driving a consumer into a location.

“As the only company in the country that has decoupled our unique data and measurement from media, we are happy to provide more of this unique data set to enable marketers to make smarter, more data-driven decisions on their social plans” says Sweeney. “This is a natural evolution of our mobile product which is the only in-store attribution tag operating in the Global media industry today.”

About Freckle IOT

Freckle IOT, the Global Leader in in-store attribution, is a mobile first-party data company that helps brands, publishers and intelligence firms solve business problems through deterministically validated customer data.

Freckle’s solution is comprised of an ecosystem of connected devices, beacons and application partners coupled with proprietary software and science.