Freckle Establishes Unique Market Position by Integrating with the Killi First-Party Data Source

New York – April 18, 2019 – Freckle, the global leader in offline media measurement announces the expansion of its measurement and targeting product portfolio with full integration of first-party data from Killi. A consent management solution that allows consumers to control their identity and receive cash compensation, Killi delivers high fidelity data to brands from this engaged user base. This new integration provides marketers with real-time, reliable data that is direct from the consumer and fully compliant with global privacy standards.

In advance of the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) arriving in the U.S. in January 2020, Freckle is taking a leadership position with the integration of Killi data. By underpinning the Freckle solution with fully compliant data derived direct from the consumer, marketers will receive first-party data instead of third-party sources or pass through from publishers that may put them at risk with pending regulations.

The Killi panel helps brands uncover powerful behavioral insights from people visiting a location as part of Freckle’s measurement and targeting solutions. With direct access to people who visit a location, marketers engage with the Killi panel and ask questions about purchase behavior and brand preferences. Now, Freckle’s global footfall, measurement and targeting solutions provide marketers with actionable insights that are further down the purchase funnel than other solutions currently on the market.

“To survive in this hyper competitive environment, brands must identify partners that create not just a competitive advantage but unique access to real-time consumer insights,” said Neil Sweeney, Founder and CEO, Freckle and Killi. “Killi is a market leader at a time when all businesses must transition to first-party data. Because we’re the only solution paying consumers cash for selling their data, we are confident that the engagement level of the people of Killi will better enhance our audience insights.”

How it Works

The Killi panel is a mobile-first solution. With an average response volume in the thousands, the Killi panel delivers an engaged and active base for marketers. Killi is currently growing at 10% per week and is available in the U.S. and Canada. With global demand increasing, Killi will soon launch in APAC with additional international expansion to follow. Freckle combines visitation data with Killi to provide real-time audience insights across the product portfolio. When partnering with Freckle, marketers gain unique access to the unmatched integration of Killi and location data from the measurement and targeting product portfolio.

All Freckle Products Powered by Killi

  • Freckle Offline Attribution Determine the impact of media investment to drive consumers into a physical location. Now, offline attribution analysis is more actionable with enhanced behavioral and location visit insights from the people of Killi.
  • Freckle Footfall Measurement Understand visit trends to a brand or competitor location. Adding the Killi panel to Footfall Measurement reporting opens the door to down-funnel purchase data and audience preferences.
  • Freckle Targeting Segments Custom targeting segments that are continually refreshed and derived from location data that is supplemented with Killi data are available across all major data management and buying platforms. The first-party data source of Killi enhances targeting capabilities and opportunities for more specific behavioral segments.


About Freckle

Freckle is a global data company specializing in media measurement and identity. The Freckle offline media measurement solution determines the effectiveness of media across all channels in driving customers into a physical location. Because Freckle does not sell media, Fortune 500 brands trust the independent offline attribution analysis to evaluate media across all channels including mobile, desktop, social, radio, search, TV, and out-of-home. For more information, visit


About Killi

Killi, developed by Freckle IoT, is the global consent management solution for privacy and compliance challenges facing consumers and companies. This consumer-facing application allows consumers to control their identity and sell it for cash to companies looking for compliant first-party data. With Killi, consumers can opt in and select specific pieces of personal information that they would like to share with brands in exchange for money. Killi is currently available in the U.S. and Canada with plans for additional expansion in 2019. For more information, visit


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