Freckle and Killi Footfall Report Highlights the #1 Priority for U.S. and Canadian Automotive Buyers is Price and Reliability

New York – February 13, 2019Freckle IoT, in partnership with Killi released a new quarterly footfall report – Path to Purchase: Automotive – for the U.S. and Canadian markets covering the fourth quarter of 2018. Freckle is a global data company that specializes in determining the effectiveness of a brand’s media spend in driving a consumer to a desired location – known as offline attribution. Killi is a consumer application available on iOS and Android that allows consumers to control their identity and engage directly with companies who require data to operate their businesses.

The Path to Purchase: Automotive Footfall Report shows that in the fourth quarter of 2018 consumers started the research phase for purchasing a new car 6 months in advance and visited on average 5+ dealerships prior to making a purchase. Additionally, although the path to purchase covered a 6-month period, consumers only began to visit dealerships 30 days prior to buying a vehicle.

“This report provides actionable insights for our customers, who depend on Freckle and Killi for our robust measurement tools and premium first-party data,” said Neil Sweeney, Founder and CEO, Freckle IoT and Killi. “The Path to Purchase report is an important way for the automotive market to obtain key quarterly insights into automotive purchase behavior including the discovery that price and reliability were the two factors having the most influence regarding purchase.”

The data from this report helps automotive companies better understand the how, when, and where their marketing spend matters. Among the key findings:

  • Short term promotions only impact 1 in 5 automotive buyers to visit a dealership
  • Thursday and Friday were the most popular days for buyers to visit a dealership
  • Location, location, location. Over 65% of automotive buyers prefer to stay close to home when visiting a dealership.

The top preferences for Killi users in the market for buying a car: 77% prefer regular to hybrid vehicles and only 18% indicate that a promo would drive them into a dealership. The study includes data from over 8,000 surveys sent to Killi customers in a 30-day period with questions specific to automotive shopping preferences.

Dealer visitation data for both markets is the result of monitoring thousands of auto dealerships in the United States and Canada spanning all automotive manufacturers. Freckle leveraged its proprietary dwell logic and deduplication tools to remove employees, couriers, and unconfirmed visitors to provide an unbiased and reputable scoring of all visits.


To view the individual reports for each market:

U.S. Automotive Path to Purchase: Q4 2018

Canadian Automotive Path to Purchase: Q4 2018



About Freckle IoT

Freckle IoT is a global data company specializing in media measurement and identity. The Freckle offline media measurement solution determines the effectiveness of media across all channels in driving customers into a physical location. Because Freckle does not sell media, Fortune 500 brands trust the independent offline attribution analysis to evaluate media across all channels including mobile, desktop, social, radio, search, TV, and out-of-home. For more information, visit


About Killi

Killi, developed by Freckle IoT, is the global consent management solution for privacy and compliance challenges facing consumers and companies. This consumer-facing application allows consumers to control their identity and sell it for cash to companies looking for compliant first-party data. With Killi, consumers can opt in and select specific pieces of personal information that they would like to share with brands in exchange for money. Killi is currently available in the U.S. and Canada with plans for a 12-country expansion in 2019. For more information, visit


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