Freckle Announces Attribution Backed By Fully Compliant Data

Today we officially announced the integration of Killi into the Freckle measurement solution.

Why is this announcement important?

This demonstrates Freckle’s focus on moving further down the purchase funnel than other measurement solutions, while also underpinning the entire stack with data sourced directly from consumers. There is no firm in the world doing these two things at the moment, just us.

Powered by the People of Killi

Now, the entire Freckle product portfolio; measurement, data and footfall, are “Powered By The People of Killi.” This makes our solutions the most compliant as well as, in the case of measurement, increasingly the most vertically integrated in the industry.

Creating a Differentiated Solution

Measurement of media is simplistically the combination of two assets – an exposure file (the data that underpins your media) and a location file (those handsets that provide visibility on a location a consumer has visited). Don’t kid yourself, it is a whole lot more complicated than just putting these two disparate data sets together. Any measurement provider will also need to have a point-of-interest database (POI), dwell logic, a projection algorithm, a cross-device graph etc. My take on this is…where is the differentiation?

Differentiation does not come from the number of devices you have, how you create polygons, a slick UI or your dwell logic. Why? Because the good players all have this.

When you build a product you have a choice – try and outsell an undifferentiated product (standard in AdTech / Martech) or create something that is actually unique. I prefer the latter.

Killi brings to the Freckle measurement solution something others don’t have:

  • a direct 1×1 connection to the consumer;
  • a deeper level of insight about the actions taking place in a location; and
  • a zero-party compliant data set that comes with both an audit and consent trail.

NEW: Killi Consumer Panel

The Freckle measurement solution now takes the exposure file + the visitation file inherent in measurement and goes one step further. The Killi consumer panel allows opportunities to ask those customers seen in locations custom information about what they purchased, where else they frequent, how often they come back and what they didn’t like about the experience.  Exposure + Visit + 1×1 Panel of Users.