Footfall Reporting Solutions

Understand Consumer Visit Trends to a Physical Location

Freckle footfall measurement adds mobile location data to our proprietary Point of Interest (POI) location graph, then filters for dwell and deduplication to help brands understand visitation trends.

How to Footfall Reports will Optimize Your Campaigns


Learn more about your customers:

  • How far do your customers travel to a location?
  • What time of day or day of week does your customer visit?
  • How long do your customers stay at a location?
  • What media channels are performing the best?

Uncover information about visitation trends:

  • Most popular stores, cities, markets, and more
  • Foot traffic by market share
  • Cross-visit trends with competitors
  • Filter out data deduplication

Create a baseline against the competition:

  • Gain competitive insights by getting access to your competition’s footfall data
  • See how you stack up during seasonal spikes
  • Who has the biggest piece of the market share?
  • What are your competitors’ top-performing locations?

How to Optimize Your Campaigns with Freckle Footfall Reports

Gain actionable insights

With footfall reporting, you learn everything about your customers that you don’t learn while they’re in your store. This allows you to execute quickly with upcoming marketing and ad campaigns.

User data

Build deeper relationships with customers

By knowing how far they travel, which days they like to come in, and everything else, you make a more significant connection with your customers and adapt to suit their needs in the future.

Understand how your customers interact with your brand

Discern the main things that are drawing customers to your store and the key components that are causing them to keep coming back.


Get the real facts on how you stack up in the industry

By getting the same information about your competitor’s locations, you have the edge you need to dominate the industry and adapt your strategy to pull ahead of the competition.

What Makes Freckle Footfall Reports Special

Custom visitation trends

Fully customize the data you get by locations you choose, and the competitive data set you’re drawing from.

Gain real, actionable insights

Forget tally counters. Learn travel distance, time of day, day of week, how long they stay, top-performing locations, and more

Benchmark against your top competition

Use our vault of data to see how you stack up against your competitors with seasonal trends, foot traffic by market share, and cross-visitation trends.

Gain unbiased data

We’re an agnostic partner, so we’ll never try to sell you any media. Just analyze how your campaigns perform with data directly from the users.

Learn more about your customers today