1st Party Data Solutions

First Party Data Makes All the Difference When It Comes to Ad Campaigns

Through its users on the Killi application, Freckle has the only first-party data source integrated with offline measurement.


What is First Party Data?

First party data is defined by being collected directly from your audience, meaning it comes directly from your users. The ‘first party’ is you – the person collecting the data – and because you already have access to it, you can leverage it to optimize future ad campaigns for existing users.

The difference between 1st, 2nd, & 3rd party data

  • 1st party data: You collect the data directly from your users, using your own tools.
  • 2nd party data: You have a trusted partnership, and gain access to someone else’s unaltered first party data.
  • 3rd party data: You buy data from a separate entity, usually at a much higher volume.

First party data examples and how to collect it

This data often comes in smaller amounts, as you need to collect it yourself. The ways you can collect first party data on users depends on your industry, but some common examples include:

  • Sites & app analytics – track information on user actions and behaviors related to the way people are using your site/app, what they click or tap on, and what keeps them dwelling on your pages
  • Use a CRM – if you’re in the sales industry, a customer relationship manager helps you collect and keep details about users and leads
  • Subscriptions – if you run a service, you can collect data on your subscription-based users including personal and financial information
  • Social media – if you utilize social tools, user profiles and actions can give you a lot of information about them
  • Outbound marketing – if you send newsletters or other marketing campaigns, you can collect user information this way
  • Location tracking – if you run an app like this, you can attribute where users went to specific locations like stores, areas of interest, or other venues

The only way to get first party data is to collect it yourself, or utilize a solution that connects you directly to users. When it comes to location attribution, first party data collection on a large scale is only possible through a service like Freckle that has access to a large database of users devices and users who have opted in to share their data.

How Freckle’s First Party Data Will Empower Your Ad Campaigns

Get the info straight from the user

Through our direct-to-consumer application Killi, our service has access to devices where users willingly offer their data, which we collect and give to you in easy-to-digest reports.

Location attribution takes out the guesswork

Using first party data to attribute your ads takes them to a whole new level. Find out which users saw which of your ads and when.

Useful in a variety of ways

No matter what type of marketing campaign you’re utilizing — online, offline, OOH, cross-device, TV, or anything else — first party data advertising is your key to getting the most in-depth and accurate picture of your target customers, and turning that data into paying customers.

What Makes Freckle Your Go-To Source for 1st Party Data?

Our database is large enough to offer true variety

Freckle and its app Killi offers you 100 billion monthly location events on over 200 million devices.

We’re an unbiased, agnostic parter

We don’t sell any media, so unlike other third party data solutions, we give you the raw data — with nothing altered.

We have privacy-compliant data

We are the only measurement firm that sits on compliant data – whether you’re obliged by GDPR, CCPA, or PIPEDA, we’ve got you covered.

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