Cross-Device Attribution Solutions

Stop Under-Valuing Ads That Are Working for You

Freckle’s cross-device tools can help you properly attribute which of your ads are driving customers, and discover which of your ads are performing better than you thought.

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What Is Cross-Device Attribution
& Why Does It Matter?

Cross-device attribution means measuring the conversions that occur with your store properly, knowing that they may take place across multiple devices. For example, a customer sees an ad on their desktop at work, and then makes a purchase in your store hours later using their mobile device.

For example, it may seem like mobile ads are working best for you because most conversions seem to take place in your app or mobile store. You decide to drop the desktop ads because you must be wasting money on them, and then all of a sudden, your conversions take a huge dive. Why did this happen? In reality, most of the conversions you were seeing saw ads on desktop, and then made a purchase on mobile later.

This is a perfect example of why cross-device measurement is key to your ad campaigns. Your ads may seem less effective if you can’t attribute those customers that saw them on different devices. You need a complete understanding of exactly which ads drove customers to your store, and that’s when an attribution solution comes into play.

How to Get Started with Cross-Device Attribution


Set up and run your campaigns like normal

You can run your ads on desktop and mobile, targeting audiences in the best way you can.


Provide Freckle with locations of interest

You let us know where your store locations are so we’ll know how to attribute visitors.


Let Freckle tag your ad campaign

We’ll send you a tag to add to your creative to monitor the exposure of people to your ad.


Utilize cross-device reporting to optimize campaigns

Using this info, see exactly which ads drove foot traffic into your store — on any devices.

How Cross-Device Attribution Empowers Your Campaigns

Cut out the guesswork

Setting up a cross-device attribution model for your campaigns means you gain better insight on which of your ads are driving paying customers into your store.

See the real performance of your ads

Without cross-device measurement, certain ads appear as though they are performing worse than they are – and you’re not getting the proper information about what drove customers to your store, as hundreds are left unattributed.

Mobile or desktop? You don’t have to choose

Our attribution tool works with both, so you no longer have to focus on one or the other. You can run ads on both, see which ones work best, and then update your campaigns based on the information that cross-device reporting offers you.

Optimize & adapt to dominate your retail space

Armed with this new intel, you can optimize the ads that are working for you, and put more of your budget towards ads on the devices that are bringing the most people in, and making real sales.

Why Freckle Offers You the Best Cross-Device Solution

Our database is extensive

With Freckle, you’re getting access to over 200 million devices that demonstrate over 100 billion location events monthly. With access to that level of variety, you’ll have a leg up on the competition.

We are a fully agnostic & unbiased partner

Freckle never tries to sell you media — we only measure it for you. That means we’re truly unbiased, we always give you reports that accurately show how well your campaigns perform, and we never inflate the results.

We offer 1st-party and unaltered data

Our Killi application gives Brand, Agencies and Data Buyers access to the first-ever user-initiated audience of its kind – replacing the third party non-compliant data that currently dominates the ecosystem.



Get comprehensive lift analysis

Our reports offer comprehensive lift study so you can measure how effective your promotions are based on the universe we are tracking aside from ad exposure, compared to the impression logs (ad exposure) of consumers we saw in-store.

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