Can This Company Put Personal Data Back in The Hands of Consumers?

Built in NYC showcases Freckle’s new app, Killi. A powerful tool to give consumers control of their identity and receive payment when brands are interested in the data. The answer to the question in this article: Yes, Killi can–and does–put personal data back in the hands of the consumer.

“Killi works by securely storing your personal data on the blockchain and keeping it cloistered — even to Killi — until your consent is given. Information is gathered through surveys, which range in topic from food to entertainment to politics and more. The idea is that anything you may have an opinion on is potentially valuable to someone, somewhere.

When a company shows interest in purchasing your data, Killi drafts an agreement directly between you and the company and stores it on the blockchain, outlining the terms of their data use and providing you with both the transparency and security necessary to rest assured your information is being used only to the extent of your awareness.”

To download Killi today: iOS / Android

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