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Freckle IoT and Killi

Privacy Compliant Data and Agnostic Media Measurement

Freckle IoT is a global data company specializing in media measurement and identity. The Freckle offline media measurement solution determines the effectiveness of media across all channels in driving customers to a targeted physical location.

Because Freckle does not sell media, Fortune 500 brands trust the independent offline attribution analysis to evaluate media across all channels including mobile, desktop, social, radio, search, TV, and out-of-home. Learn more about how Freckle’s measurement and data solutions can help determine more effective ROI.

Killi, developed by Freckle, is the global consent management solution for privacy and compliance challenges facing consumers and companies. This consumer-facing application allows consumers to control their identity by selecting which pieces of personal information they would like to share with brands in exchange for money. By opting in, consumers give companies a source of compliant first-party data. Killi is currently available in the U.S. and Canada with plans for additional international expansion throughout 2019.

How We Got Our Start

The greatest problem for marketers with offline attribution is accuracy. Freckle IoT was founded in 2014 to solve that issue.

While beacons, sensors, cookies and mobile identifiers do provide data, it is very limited and flawed. You can only retrieve the data from audiences whose bluetooth and location services are turned on. And, due to its anonymity, it is inherently probabilistic. This is the gap that Freckle is filling–especially now in the age of data privacy.

Freckle has addressed the challenge of privacy head on, not as a compliance issue but rather as a strategic business opportunity. This is where Killi comes into the picture. By giving users ownership of their data, Killi is helping consumers protect their privacy and earn cash for their personal information. At the same time, Killi gives companies access to premium first-party data that is fully compliant with GDPR and CCPA.

Freckle and Killi were founded by Neil Sweeney, who serves as CEO for both companies. He has built a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who are working hard to help marketers build deeper relationships with their customers.

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