A Compliance-Privacy Tsunami Will Slam Into the Data Ecosystem in 2019: Big Changes to Watch

Freckle IoT Founder and CEO, Neil Sweeney shares his 2019 predictions for the data ecosystem in 2019 with Street Fight Magazine.

It may be too easy to just say Data is the big theme for 2019. Rather, Neil suggests the big changes will be further down funnel but still related to data. The takeaway for 2019 will be consent management.

Consent management is where data, privacy, and regulation intersect. Simplistically, it is a mechanism for ensuring you have user consent to collect and use the data that is driving your decisions.

Why is this going to be the trend? Two reasons—the first is because consent management is nonexistent in today’s technology stacks (and no, the catch-all ‘do you accept’ button will not be sufficient moving forward for consent management). And, second: a compliance/privacy tsunami will bear down on the entire world (not just advertising) in 2019. Every trend in 2019 will tie back to a company’s ability, or inability, to check the box on consent management.

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