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Measuring the success of driving a consumer to visit a location is advertising's #1 challenge.

Data has become the fundamental currency in today’s mobile connected world.

90% of transactions take place in a location, yet advertisers have been unable to prove which vertical or vendor was the cause of a location visit.

This makes it hard for advertisers to definitively prove if their ads actually work.

Freckle solves these attribution challenges by uniquely collecting and leveraging opted-in 1st party customer data and matching it back to specific location visits.

We do this agnostically across all verticals and vendors as a pure measurement firm that does not sell media.

Who we serve

We serve multiple industries and verticals:

Media Agencies

For Advertisers / Brands / Agencies

Offline Attribution

Brands spend millions of dollars on advertising without the ability to accurately determine if their campaigns drive real-world consumer actions.

Freckle provides an agnostic solution that allows brands to measure precisely how many people their advertising campaign has driven into a location.

1st Party Segmentation

Freckle enables advertisers to precisely determine who has visited a real-world location by collecting an ‘enter’, an ‘exit’ and a ‘dwell’ event for all visitors. This 1st party data can then be used for a multitude of purposes: targeting in social platforms, pre-bid targeting in demand side platforms (DSP), or cost-effective media planning and real-time location-based research.


New Revenues

The Old Way
Traditionally, app publishers have only been paid when a user is actively in session and an advertisement can be monetized. These in-session users account for approximately 15% of an application’s total user base and represent only a fraction of the total usage time of mobile devices.

The New Way
By participating in the Freckle partner network, an app publisher can tap into Freckle’s data model which monetizes an application partner’s install base, creating an incremental revenue stream that is not dependent on in-session use or the creation of a new advertising format.

Insights & Analytics
By partnering in Freckle’s publisher network publishers are able to glean more precise and granular information on their user base while adding offline attribution to their client’s campaigns.