In an expanding world of personal connected devices,consumer data is ubiquitous,
yet highly fragmented

We help brands uncover their customer dataon a hyperlocal scale,
in & out of the retail environment

We turn real-time streams of customer data intovisible paths-to-purchase
& accurate attribution

Our proprietary technology is an expansive ecosystem ofconnected devices, proximity beacons, location partners, app publishers, data scientists & algorithms

How it works


A network of beacons are placed inside our partners locations. Accurate up to 1 foot, this is the first step to capturing fine grain local data on the customer’s path-to-purchase.


Virtual beacons are overlayed onto popular points of interests like stadiums, music festivals, and intersections.


Freckle-supported devices communicate with beacons when entering the proximity range and provide actionable location data back to the central server.


24 hours a day, streams of data continuously flow into Freckle from consumer devices that are interacting with our beacons in real time.


Our data scientists run data through algorithms to derive meaningful information and actionable insights about the customer’s path-to-purchase.

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